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Why have your old tapes converted to dvd?

Why Have Your Old Tapes Converted to Digital

Are all of your most cherished memories on old video tapes? Was your wedding filmed during the time of magnetic tape recording? What about the early years of your children’s lives? If this is true, you need to strongly consider tape to DVD conversion. Having your old tapes in digital format will allow you to preserve them for many years to come.

VHS and other tape formats were revolutionary in their day. For the first time, we could record precious moments on video to be preserved to watch again and again. The problem is that these methods of recording were never really considered permanent. The tape wears a little every time that it is watched. Copying the materials was not an easy process, and required a more expensive piece of equipment that very few had.

DVDs, on the other hand, are a much more permanent form of storage. While they can break or be scratched, they are far more resistant to damage. Also, with only normal wear, a DVD can be viewed an incredible number of times before naturally failing. DVD’s are simple to copy. Most people can use their desktop or laptop computers to make multiple back up copies of a DVD. You can more easily share these copies with friends and family.

You can even take the contents of the DVD and make them available online for friends and family to view. So not only will the precious memories last longer, but they are also now more convenient to share. This is all the more reason for tape to DVD conversion.

While you may not be able to perform the tape to DVD conversion yourself, there are several companies that are capable of doing this for you. Be sure to choose a company that understands the value of your tapes and will do their best to preserve the quality of the footage. The process should not be overly expensive and the company should be able to provide you with as many master discs as you are willing to pay for. Also, they should be able to encode the DVD so that you can play it on any normal DVD player with ease.

Yes, your family videos and other precious memories should be available for future generations to enjoy, and copying them into a digital format is the best way for them both to be preserved and shared. Tape to digital conversion is the best way to achieve these goals.

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